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Nervi Bear

Nervi is a bear who sometimes feels nervous. His mother, worried, goes to the wise mole to ask for help. The mole explains three secret techniques which will help Nervi be happier and calmer.

Anxiety is something that affects both infants and adults. Children go through different evolutionary stages in which fears, fears and nervousness appear.

This story aims to give tools to deal with stressful situations by identifying the child with the protagonist character, who lives situations that usually cause states of anxiety.

Learning these basic exercises at an early age is a great educational advantage, as they provide an understanding of the following aspects:

  • Gain in body consciousness.
  • Learn how to identify and model one’s breathing.
  • Learn to identify states of anxiety.
  • Practice visualization and mind control techniques.
  • Learn to differentiate emotions and thoughts.
  • Positive thinking.

You can buy it in the following link.